The elegance and delicacy of the MODERN composite fence board is due to the carefully calibrated grooves.

MODERN boards fit on top of each other. The tongue of each fence board is sized so that the joints between each fence board are not visible when stacked. The technique, like magic, disappears behind the effect it creates.

Three colors are available: dark grey, teak, cedar

Boston Modern:

  • Aluminum poles;

  • Fence boards wpc 21x160mm x 178 cm;

  • Pillar plugs;

  • Pillar platforms;

  • Lower and upper rail;

  • Brand: Fiberdeck BOSTON

  • Country: France

  • Delivery: 2-3 weeks.

Send us the dimensions of your plot, choose the design of the paneling, decorations (if you need them) and we will send you the project of the fence and make an offer.

20-year warranty

The magic of co-extrusion is the strength of the fence board caused by the HDPE layer. The color will be permanently UV resistant, so it will not change color. A modern board will be resistant to external pest attacks, fungi and insects. Finally, maintenance is quick and easy.

We provide a 20-year warranty for our co-extruded fence boards.

Wood composite

Wood composite is a mixture of wood dust and recycled plastic that can be used to create a beautiful fence, terrace or facade cladding.

Today, the technology offered in Modern fencing is co-extrusion. This technique allows the wood composite board to be coated with a thin layer of HDPE that transfers the color. The pattern of this layer is unique with multi-colored shades.

It is created by scraping for a look closer to natural wood.

Boston fence installation

Boston is a complete ecosystem of composite and aluminum fences, of which the Modern board is a part. MODERN composite fence boards fit Boston posts and use the same structural components.

The MODERN picket fence is compatible with the Boston Fantasy range of decors.

Su Modern suderinamos varstomos durys

Made from Modern fence boards, this gate will complement the Boston Modern fence design perfectly.

- Powder coated aluminum frame RAL7016 textured

- Dimensions 980x1830mm

- Vertical uprights 80x50mm, horizontal crossbars 80x40mm

Corner post installation

The Boston fence can safely be installed near swimming pools, it is not damaged by moisture, so it will look like new even after 20 years. Various openwork decorations give it a modern look. BOSTON composite fence designed in this way guarantees additional charm to your outdoor space.