ACCESSORIES for installation of terrace boards

Cobra fastener offers all necessary accessories for terrace installation

Cobra hybrid 8-18

  • Patented Staple (No. DM203548)

  • Pre-added screw, quick installation

  • Compatible with wood and aluminum

  • Dual material clip: nylon sheath and AISI304 stainless steel

  • Screw 4.2x35 mm made of stainless steel AISI410 (90 pcs.)

  • Resistant to UV and extreme temperatures

  • The color is matte black to prevent light reflection

  • Traction force up to 300 kg on exotic beams

  • Staples can be removed without disassembling the terrace

Cobra 20-24

  • The package covers 3.5-5 m2

  • Stainless steel clamp AISI304 (90 pcs.)

  • Screw 4.5x25 mm made of stainless steel AISI410 (90 pcs.)

  • The color is matte black to prevent light reflection

  • Resistant to UV and extreme temperatures

  • Tensile strength of hardwood beams up to 250 kg

  • Cobra®20 is suitable for boards with a thickness of 20-22 mm

  • Cobra®24 is suitable for boards 24-26 mm thick

Screws for wpc boards/timber frame

  • stainless steel screws AISI304

  • Sharp auger for better penetration into composite wood

  • Small aesthetic head

  • Double screw to prevent the board from crushing

  • Same colors as the boards for a nice finish

  • Compatible with all brands of solid composite wood boards

  • 5x50 mm screws: 150 pcs + 1 nozzle board thickness 20-22 mm

  • 5x63 mm screws: 100 pcs + 1 nozzle board thickness 24 mm

  • Head: TORX T20

Cobra® BITUDECK beam tape

  • Protects your frame from moisture and rot

  • Meets the requirements of the installation standards for terrace boards

  • Waterproof - absorbs sound resonance

  • Matte black color to prevent light reflections between the boards

  • Resistant to tearing, deformation and temperature fluctuations

  • Easy and convenient to use

  • Measurements: 10 linear meter roll, 1.5mm thick, 75mm wide

  • Waterproofing: 0.3 MPa, 120 min

  • Tear resistance: 25 N

Cobra BITUDECK® is a waterproofing tape made from an asphalt-based material that provides an advanced, secure bond to joists that won't peel. Its strong backing will not tear easily, unlike EPDM tapes available at DIY stores.

Cobra BITUDECK® protects the top of the beam from rotting and wood decay. This helps the deck screws last longer and stronger than EPDM tape: in the video below you can see how it acts as a barrier between the joist and the deck board, sealing the deck fasteners and preventing moisture penetration.